Mafia wars

 Been doing nothing much apart from playing mafia wars on facebook. The games alright it grows on you although it just might seem as simple point and click game. I am at level 10 i juat started a few days back. I do read sometimes watch movies. But i am facebook when ever i am free because there is not much to do apart from that there is watching batman beyond. The series is alright but im just trying to finish so i can go on to watch something else. Valentines was alright. I hope my march vacation works out.

here a punch there a punch

Enjoying my 'LQ' love quarrels .. thinking about getting a blackberry coz i-phone are to expensive .. stopped thinking about my vacation because its to far .. new friends come and go.. Hey you don and susan seems you guys have been going around town a lot.. Batman Beyond sucks

annoyedddd !!!!

it bearable upto to a certain point after that it just gets anoying when the pages dont load properly in deviant art how i supposed browse through art if the pages dont load properly. what am i supposed to do this half a painting/drawing/illustration. The speed and the stability sucks man !
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Merry Jolly Holly

Just going through atrwork and doing a bit of house work becuase i dont know what else to do on laptop. The net is so damn slow. I hope one day we have a snowy xmas together somewhere not in dubai. Packed in a little hut. A small little family. MERRY CHRISTMAS

Stalked to death - - - Month old story

  Thursday 10 Sep, 2009

A woman who was subjected to months of harassment by a stalker told police just hours before he stabbed her to death that he had threatened to kill her.
Ruma Ghose-Puri was murdered by former Ski Dubai ski instructor Rasheed Debaz.
He stabbed her three times outside her Knowledge Village villa on Monday night, leaving her dying in a pool of blood. He also stabbed her sister in the arm before committing suicide by throwing himself off a three-storey building.
Speaking from their home Ruma’s husband Dinky Puri  told 7DAYS: “I lost my wife, I have lost everything.”
Puri said he had begged police “so many times” to come to his family’s rescue after they were subjected to threats from Debaz.
The Indian-born couple and their son had moved to a new home less than two weeks ago, hoping to end the nightmare.
“He was following our every move and he found where we were living,” Puri said as he fought back tears.
The family’s ordeal began when Ruma, 46, met Debaz, from Morocco, while taking skiing lessons at Ski Dubai and he began hounding her.
“Everyday there was a criminal walking the streets and we could not stop him,” Puri said. “I am shattered by the loss of my wife. I still have to break it to my son. “I begged the police to please, please help us. This man told my wife he was going to kill her, he threatened our 11-year-old son, he threatened me over and over,” Puri said.
Debaz was given a three- month suspended sentence for harassing Ruma in June.
But he continued following her almost immediately and was on bail for a second harassment charge when he murdered her. He had been due to appear at a Dubai court yesterday to face the further charges.
After the hearing was informed of the pair’s deaths, Ruma’s lawyer told the court: “She (Ruma) went to the police station on Sunday to complain about him because he kept following her and returned again on Monday.”
Ruma’s sister, Rita Dutt, is recovering in hospital.


Some old favorite quotations

"Your pumping days are over Megatron" OP

"Hate only brings more hate.. that is cycle that will never end..." Samurai Champloo

"That moment.. I felt as though I could grasp things like eternity, the heart, or the soul..It's, as if, i thought, i was able share with her this whole year of my life.. Then the next moment i had a fit of unbearble sadness..Akari's warmth..Akari soul..how could I reach them?.. Where would I take them?.. I just didn't know"

"But we each need to find our own inspiration...sometimes its never easy"

"the thing that matter most, is what you think of yourself, if there is something you really want, or someone you really want to be the only person standing in your way is you"

 Girl "i thought i was your partner'' Batman "but you are not my sidekick"

"the best punchline is the one you dont see coming"Joker


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its free so you cant complain much. i think there is limit of 10 sms per receiver. I dont know if that resets if you log out from the site

Back Window !

Someone broke my car window today :( Scared about tomorrow what guarantee is there that my car is safe the next night or even after that. There were four other cars that shared the same fate. They were not next to one another..

Dc animated Universe

Based on the Superman Animated episode crossover of Superman/Batman. It seems Lois Lane knows the true identity of Batman ! Also I learned that all the old comic book superheroes were based on Greek Gods as told in the JLA documentary